5 Common Drain Cleaning Misconceptions

When it comes to plumbing maintenance, drain cleaning in Fountain Valley, CA, is a task that homeowners should not overlook. Clogged drains can cause a variety of problems, including foul odors, slow-draining water, and even sewage backup. However, many misconceptions about drain cleaning can prevent homeowners from taking the necessary steps to clear their drains.
The expert plumbers at Absolute Airflow in Garden Grove, CA, recommended not skipping essential upkeep steps when it comes to caring for your system due to these misconceptions.

That is why we have gathered a list of the five common drain-cleaning misconceptions and the truth behind them.

  • Misconception 1: Chemical drain cleaners are a good solution for clearing clogs.
    Chemical drain cleaners are a popular solution for clogged drains, but they are not always the best option. While they may work temporarily, they can cause more harm than good in the extended run. The chemicals in these cleaners can erode your pipes and cause them to decay over time, leading to leaks and other problems. Additionally, chemical drain cleaners can be dangerous if not used properly, as they can cause burns and other injuries.
    Truth: There are better solutions for clearing clogs, such as using a plunger, drain snake, or calling a professional plumber.A plunger can often clear minor clogs, while a drain snake can be used for more stubborn clogs. However, if these methods do not work or if the clog is strict, it is most useful to call a skilled plumber. They have the tools and expertise to clear clogs safely and effectively.
  • Misconception 2: Only the kitchen and bathroom drains need to be cleaned.
    While the kitchen and bathroom drains are the most commonly clogged drains in a home, they are not the only ones that need to be cleaned. Other drains, such as those in the laundry room and basement, can become clogged over time.
    Truth: All drains in a home should be cleaned regularly to prevent clogs and ensure proper drainage.
    This includes drains in the laundry room, basement, and anywhere else in the home where there is a drain. Regular cleaning can prevent clogs from forming and keep your plumbing system running smoothly.
  • Misconception 3: Pouring hot water down the drain can clear clogs.
    Hot water is often recommended as a simple solution for clearing clogs but is not always effective. While hot water can help dissolve grease and other materials that may be causing a clog, it is not strong enough to clear more stubborn clogs.
    Truth: Hot water is a good preventative measure but not a reliable solution for clearing clogs.
    A plunger, drain snake, or professional plumber should be used to clear a clog. However, using hot water regularly can help prevent clogs from forming in the first place.
  • Misconception 4: All plumbers are the same, so it doesn’t matter who you hire.
    Not all plumbers are formed similarly. Some may be more skilled than others, while others may specialize in certain areas of plumbing. Hiring the wrong plumber can result in poor workmanship and even more problems down the road.
    Truth: It’s important to do your research and hire a reputable and experienced plumber.
    When choosing a plumber, read reviews and ask for references. You want to find someone who is experienced, licensed, and insured and who has a good reputation in the community.
  • Misconception 5: Drain cleaning is expensive and not worth the cost.
    Many homeowners avoid drain cleaning because they believe it is too expensive. However, neglecting to clean your drains can actually end up costing you more in the lengthy run, as clogs can cause damage to your plumbing system and require costly repairs.
    Truth: Regular drain cleaning is a cost-effective way to prevent clogs and maintain a healthy plumbing system.
    By investing in regular drain cleaning, you can prevent clogs from forming and ensure that your plumbing system is running efficiently. This can save you money on repairs & prevent more costly problems down the line.

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