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5 Reasons Why Your Home Has Low Water Pressure

Water is one of the essential daily necessities for us. Many of us don’t realize the importance of water until we run into an issue with our plumbing or water supply. Water problems such as low pressure can dramatically affect our way of life. For residential use, normal water pressure is generally between 40 – 60 PSI.

The average American family requires more than 300 gallons of water per day for their daily activities. Around 70% of this amount is spent indoors, while the other 30% is spent on gardening, washing cars and other outdoor activities.

Dealing with water problems can be frustrating because they significantly disrupt your daily life. Besides health concerns, several challenges can arise due to faulty plumbing. Below are listed five of the most common reasons that can cause water pressure to dip in your home.

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1. Inadequate Supply from Supplier

Changing climatic conditions are having a drastic impact on the water supply in many cities. Before you go into your basement and start turning some valves around, it is wise to first check with your city water supplier.

When city planners have to install new pipelines or other structures that get in the way of water lines, it is common for neighboring areas to face water pressure or shortage problems.

If this issue is persistent with more houses in your neighborhood, you can be almost sure that the issue is at the source and not your house.

Often, the water suppliers will notify residents via public service announcements. However, if the issue affects only a tiny region in your neighborhood, you may have to make a few phone calls and find out about the problem yourself.

2. Faulty or Leaking Fixtures

Household fixtures (such as shower heads, bathtubs, faucets, and sinks) are prone to damage and clogging over time. They either get clogged with sediments or develop leakage faults over years of usage.

Faulty fixtures will not only waste your water supply but, in some cases, affect the water pressure in other water outlets of the house too. A simple disassembling and cleaning of fixtures eliminates the problem in most cases, but if the damage is done beyond repair, it’s wise to get them changed entirely.

Leaking faucets can leave your bathroom floors wet, which is a recipe for disaster. This is another reason why faulty fixtures are a health hazard to residents and, therefore, must be acknowledged immediately.

3. Clogged Pipes

After turning on a faucet or showerhead, if you notice the water pressure dropping after a couple of seconds, it will confirm that there is clogging in your plumbing. This is easily one of the most common causes of low water pressure in residential areas.

The water outlets in our homes have filters on them, which separate most of the sediments from the water supply. However, that does not protect the pipes themselves, which leads to their clogging over a long time. Clogging issues are widespread with old pipes that were made out of cheap plastic material or galvanized steel.

Minerals and sediments will solidify in your pipelines and disrupt your water supply if not taken care of within due time. It will also negatively impact your water quality if the residue is allowed to build up over a long period. The best way to avoid this issue is by cleaning and changing your pipelines periodically.

4. Corroding Plumbing

Corroding old pipes, especially the galvanized steel pipes common in the old days, is a concerning health hazard to people. Corroding pipes are severely prone to breaking or leakages. This can cause the water pressure to drop in your house gradually over time, which can easily go unnoticed.

5 Reasons Why Your Home Has Low Water Pressure

The average lifespan of galvanized steel pipes is about 20 to 50 years, much less than brass, copper, and iron pipes that can last up to 100 years. This is one of the reasons galvanized pipes are not in use anymore. In most cases, the whole plumbing system of the house needs to be replaced entirely if they are affected by corrosion.

On the other hand, corroding pipes also release harmful toxins into the water supply. Water poisoning is a grave health risk to kids and senior citizens, and therefore should be handled very carefully.

5. Main Valves are Not Fully Open

Although not that hard to miss, many people may not be aware of multiple water flow controlling valves in their homes. Usually, there are two valves per house, one you can find next to the water meter. The other is your primary house valve which should be close to where the water lines enter your house.

Typically, the meter valve comes under the supervision of your water supplier, but there is no harm in checking whether the valve is entirely open or not. You may need a wrench to spin the valve control wheel because they are quite sturdy.

If you had any repair or plumbing-related work done in the house recently, it is worth checking the main water valve. Plumbers or repair personnel will sometimes turn off the main valve completely or slightly to manage water pressure during their work.

If you’re finding that your home has low water pressure, it’s always a good idea to trust its repair to the professionals. We here at Absolute Airflow have the skill and expertise to diagnose and fix many plumbing issues and help improve your house’s water pressure. To learn more, please contact us today.

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