7 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm and Cozy During the Winter Months

7 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm and Cozy During the Winter Months

Winter can be brutal and even sickening if you are not well-prepared for it. The cold can take a toll on one’s body, causing the famous winter blues to kick in. It is also possible to suffer from serious health issues due to the cold and related signs.

Fortunately, this does not have to be your story. Adequate preparation beforehand may improve your chances of getting through winter in one piece. Consider doing this for well being of you and your entire family. Suggested below are a few practical ways to keep your home cozy all winter season long.

Heavy Winter Curtains

One of the reasons you need a good set of curtains for your room windows is to help you control the temperatures easily. You can open the curtains during the day when there is enough sunlight. Allow in as much sunlight as possible and take advantage of the free heat on brighter days.

However, when it gets dark and cold, draw the heavy curtain back and seal any openings in the windows. These curtains will serve as extra insulation that adds much-needed warmth to your rooms. Be keen not to let any air leak and ensure much of the heated air stays within the house. This not only increases the efficiency of your heating unit but also reduces condensation and improves air quality in general.

Invest in Good Insulation before the Season

Most homeowners do not acknowledge that a lot of the heat energy in their homes is lost through the roof, walls, and floors. 25% of this heat is lost through the attic alone. It can be tremendous save to install the correct type of insulation on the roof.

25cm roof insulation is highly recommended. Besides that, you also need to consider insulating the walls and floors, which are the following culprits for heat loss. The initial cost of high-quality insulation may be high, but considering the long-term gains of saving more energy in winter and summer, this should be a project that is worth it.

Dial the Thermostat Down

Forget how this sounds because it is not as counter-intuitive as it appears. Health experts recommend setting the thermostat at 69 degrees in the living room. Generally, research also shows that reducing the setting by 1 degree lower can significantly reduce energy costs without compromising your comfort. Therefore, setting it at 68 degrees is more appropriate if you want to save money on energy bills and still afford to keep the house warm and habitable.

Upgrade the Heating Unit

If you have been using the same boiler or furnace for more than 10 or 15 years, this is an excellent time to consider upgrading. Replace it with a more efficient modern model that matches your house design. You could invest in a more efficient unit that uses less energy but keeps the house warm and cozy. What’s more, a new unit is likely to have fewer issues and will not break down in the middle of winter.

Schedule Professional Tune-up Before Winter

Have an HVAC expert service the heating unit in readiness for the cold season. Remember that it has been sitting idle for months and will be going into heavy use for a few months. It is best to have hating experts check it out and ensure nothing to worry about. These professionals will conduct a thorough cleaning and fix all problems before winter. They will also prevent any accidents since they remove all unwanted items from the heating unit before testing and confirming that it is ready for the season. Such a level of preparation ensures that you are not caught off-guard.

Use a Smart Thermostat

Whenever furniture, rugs, and other items are too close to the heating unit, they absorb most of the heat and interfere with the heat distribution across the house. This may force the heating system to work twice as hard to compensate, thus straining it more. Move such items away for the heater to allow for better efficiency. On the same note, invest in a smart thermostat that can adjust temperatures as needed. This way, you do not compromise the quality of comfort and avoid incurring extraordinary energy bills.

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