AC Repair In Westminster, CA

Our HVAC technicians will arrive with a fully stocked van ready to handle just about any AC repair.

AC Repair In Westminster, Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, CA and Surrounding Areas

Is your air conditioner troubling you?

We understand your struggle to look for the best air conditioning contractor, balancing expert services, practical solutions, and superior service. Absolute Airflow understands the need for quality workmanship while providing its services.

We have a dedicated HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) team of technicians to give you a one-stop solution for your air conditioner service to bring comfort to your home. In addition to this, our expert and certified technicians solve all the repair, replacement, heating, and maintenance services with prompt and effective solutions.

AC Repair In Westminster, Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, CA and Surrounding Areas

Air Conditioning Repair Services

There are many components to an air conditioner and many ways that it could malfunction. However, if you are not sure what went wrong, we are here to help you. Our technicians will run a diagnostic inspection of your unit to determine what the problem is.

Below are some common reasons why your air conditioning system may require repairs:

  • High Electricity Bills
  • AC Unit Has Loud Noise
  • Non-Responsive Thermostat
  • Less and No Cooling or Airflow
  • Starting and Stopping Repeatedly
  • Non-functional

When you notice such issues, you can reach us immediately to avoid further damage so our AC technicians can fix the problem without delay. At Absolute Airflow, our goal is your comfort and keeping your house cool on those hot summer days.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

We offer our customers air conditioning repair and maintenance services. If your AC is blowing hot air or not turning on at all, we can help. Below are some of the common calls we receive from our customers.

  • Drain Line Clogging: When the drain lines get clogged, and water starts rising and flowing outside the drip pan, you should immediately turn off your air conditioner and ensure that ours professional fix it right away.
  • Damaged Contactors: When you hear humming sounds or in extreme cases, if the contactors, plastic casing, or molding melts, you need to contact Absolute Airflow to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
  • Dirty Or Clogged Air Filter: When your air conditioner is not letting out cool air or isn’t functioning smoothly, the first thing you should check is its air filter. When the filter gets dirty, it will not let the cool airflow through the unit. The air filters need replacing or cleaning every one to three months to avoid further damage.
  • Dirty Thermostat: Many problems that may occur within the AC unit begin with the thermostat. Incorrect settings, dust, or an imbalanced thermostat can impact the master controller. Our technicians will diagnose the issue and get it repaired for you.
  • Faulty Wiring: Air conditioners break when there is faulty wiring resulting in low airflow from your air conditioner or constant tripping of the circuit breaker. When our experts reach your place, they will identify the wiring issues and fix them quickly.
  • Frozen, Dirty, Or Corroded Coils: Your HVAC system’s coils need repair when they are frozen or get dirty. Absolute Airflow will identify the issue and repair it to bring back the cool air to your home.
  • Leaking Freon Or Refrigerant: Freon or refrigerants are the source of cool air but can stop giving you the cool air at times. Often in older units, the system could start to leak refrigerant.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs

When you need AC repair or maintenance services for your air conditioner or malfunction on a hot day, call Absolute Airflow. Our priority is to ensure supporting our customers by servicing their HVAC systems. We provide emergency air conditioning services to bring the cooling system back. You can reach us at any point in time; our experts will reach your location and get your unit repaired as quickly as possible. Give us a call at 1-833-HVACMAN

AC Repair In Westminster, Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, CA and Surrounding Areas

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Customer Reviews

Robert M.
Whittier, CA

Carlos came to our house to access the A/C project and to give us an estimate. He was very knowledgeable and took his time to explain all the opinions in detail as well as the installation process and warranties. Tanner and Chris were the installers, they were very professional taking their time and attention to detail. To keep our house clean while installing the new A/C system.

Beatriz A.
Santa Fe Springs, CA

I have called in Absolute Airflow for my tankless water heater and A/C unit for maintenance. They were professional and took the safety precautions necessary including wearing a mask and cornering their shoes when entering my home. I recommend them highly. Shout out to Zack who took care of the tankless water heater. They were professional and friendly.

Emily H.
Santa Ana, CA

Called Absolute for my 81 year old landlord in the height of Summer heat. Scott came out to inspect the old beast of an AC and found many issues. He took the time to educate us, note everything, photograph it and provide several recommendations…and my stubborn landlord has done nothing LOL. A couple months later we asked that Scott come back out and he was there that same day.

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