AC Tune Up In Westminster, CA

Air conditioning tune-ups help equipment run at or near original factory specifications, depending on age and overall condition.

AC Tune Up In Westminster, Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, CA and Surrounding Areas

Do you want your air conditioner to last longer?

Every summer, when the temperature soars, you need to rely on your air conditioner to help keep you and your family comfortable indoors. Nothing is worse than when a heatwave hits and your air conditioning system breaks in the middle of it.

Having an AC tune-up is critical to prolonging the longevity of your HVAC system. With a proper tune-up and ongoing AC preventative maintenance, your system can run efficiently and extend the lifespan of your air conditioner. Absolute Airflow is pleased to fulfill your AC tune-up services and make it reliable for years to come.

AC Repair In Westminster, Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, CA and Surrounding Areas

Signs You Need An Air Conditioner Tune-up

Air Conditioners are thoroughly tested and developed to operate efficiently for years. AC tune-up services from Absolute Airflow will keep your Air Conditioner running adequately and help improve its life. Avoiding AC tune-up can cause issues with the unit and lead to high energy bills, and in few cases, can result in complete system failure or shutdown.

Here are a few signs to be aware that it’s time to call Absolute Airflow for a tune-up:

  • AC Running Constantly Or Overuse
  • Frequent Turning Off And On Issue
  • High Indoor Temperatures
  • Higher Humidity
  • Little to No Airflow from Vents
  • Utility Bills Are Higher Than Your Expectation

Maintenance or Tune-up Services

When you call Absolute Airflow for your AC tune-up, our experts will evaluate your system to determine its condition. Our certified HVAC technicians will inspect, clean, and run diagnostic testing on your air conditioning system. Below are just a few of the things our technicians will inspect as part of your air conditioner tune-up.

  • Check for Airflow Issues
  • Inspect and Clean Electrical Components
  • Clean Outdoor Condenser
  • Inspect Indoor Coil and Condensate Drain Lines
  • Inspect, Clean, or Replace Air Filters.
  • Inspection and Cleaning Blower Motor
  • Measure Temperature Rise
  • Test Capacitors for Proper Operation
  • Test Voltage and Amperage
  • Tighten and Test Wiring and Connections

Why is AC Tune-Up Important?

It is best to schedule a tune-up before summer hits to resolve the issues and get your cooling system ready before the heatwaves hit. Maintaining your air conditioner will ensure perfect performance and throughout the hot summer months.

AC Tune Up In Westminster, Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, CA and Surrounding Areas

It will also avoid costly repairs, damaged components, and more. Absolute Airflow will schedule the tune-up services for any time of the year. If you have not tuned up your AC to combat hot summer days, you can reach us now and avail of the services.

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Customer Reviews

Robert M.
Whittier, CA

Carlos came to our house to access the A/C project and to give us an estimate. He was very knowledgeable and took his time to explain all the opinions in detail as well as the installation process and warranties. Tanner and Chris were the installers, they were very professional taking their time and attention to detail. To keep our house clean while installing the new A/C system.

Beatriz A.
Santa Fe Springs, CA

I have called in Absolute Airflow for my tankless water heater and A/C unit for maintenance. They were professional and took the safety precautions necessary including wearing a mask and cornering their shoes when entering my home. I recommend them highly. Shout out to Zack who took care of the tankless water heater. They were professional and friendly.

Emily H.
Santa Ana, CA

Called Absolute for my 81 year old landlord in the height of Summer heat. Scott came out to inspect the old beast of an AC and found many issues. He took the time to educate us, note everything, photograph it and provide several recommendations…and my stubborn landlord has done nothing LOL. A couple months later we asked that Scott come back out and he was there that same day.

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