Air Conditioning Options to Cool Your Garage

Air Conditioning Options to Cool Your Garage

Air Conditioning Options to Cool Your Garage

Many homeowners utilize their garage spaces differently, which means they may need this space comfortable and habitable all season long. However, hot summers can be unbearable, especially if the garage has no windows. Whether you are working in the garage or have a few sensitive items stored here, you may need adequate cooling during such hot summers. Fortunately, it is possible to have the garage cooled no matter how complex it seems. Below are a few unique ways to get this done.

It would help if you considered always opening the door slightly. If your garage has windows, opening them first thing in the morning will help bring in the cool morning air and will help in keeping the temperature down all day long. This also helps release any trapped hot air and promotes increased air circulation. Keeping the doors and windows open is a simple and cost-effective measure to keep you cool and comfortable.

Mini Split AC Installation

In most cases, experts advise against installing a cooling unit without properly insulating the garage first. Without proper insulation, air conditioning in the garage will not make such a big difference since you will be forced to run the AC all the time to cool the space. This can be very costly and counterproductive. However, an appropriate mini-split AC is all you need to make this space comfortable and habitable with proper insulation. Talk to your HVAC technician to determine which AC unit would be suitable for your garage.

Air Conditioning Options to Cool Your Garage

Seven Other Garage Cooling Options

Consider Installing a Garage Radiant Barrier

A radiant garage barrier refers to attic insulation, which is crucial for all garages. The idea is to block any heat from penetrating through the garage roof. Insulation can help reduce the temperatures by 10 to 15 degrees on the hottest day. This makes a huge difference for someone trying to cool their garage in the cheapest way possible. With an average cost of $2 per square foot, installing a garage radiant barrier is worth it.

Door Insulation Works Wonders

Experts advise that homeowners consider insulating other parts of the garage other than the attic. It is also advisable to consider insulating the garage door. Explore the possibility of insulating doors and walls if your budget allows it. While this is a significant investment, it is worth it in the long run. After all, it may also increase the resale value of your home.

Ventilation Fan and Vent Installation

A ventilation fan in the garage works just like a fan you would use in your home. It helps circulate air in the garage, much like how an attic fan works to keep the attic air circulating. These fans are mounted on the wall and work best in conjunction with installing wall vents. Wall vents help by allowing the hot, humid air in your garage to have a place to escape and allows fresh cool air to enter.

Consider Having a Ceiling Fan in the Garage

You may not have the funds to have a garage AC unit installed. Consider installing a ceiling fan instead since it is a cheaper option. It works perfectly to cool down the garage, especially if there is proper garage insulation. Experts advise that a fan can make a huge difference when trying to cool a garage without incurring many expenses.

Ice Bowl & Fan Combo

Are you looking for an effective DIY cooling trick that works? Get a large bowl, some ice, and a fan. Proceed to set the large bowl of ice in front of an oscillating fan and watch how this simple trick effectively cools down the garage space. Anyone can do this, especially if you are looking for a quick and temporary solution to the high temperatures.

Clean and De-clutter the Garage

It is incredible how properly arranging the garage will make a difference. Even when you install a window AC or a garage cooling unit, a cluttered garage will interfere with the airflow and thus affect the efficiency of the cooling system. It is advisable to arrange the garage, especially if used for storage. Install shelves and other organizational tricks that help de-clutter or remove barriers that hinder adequate airflow. Ensure that the stored items are not interfering with the airflow system.

Repaint the Garage

A fresh coat may seem trivial, but it makes a huge difference. You should consider changing the color of your garage to brighter hues such as white if it is painted black. Dark colors absorb a lot of heat in summer and could be why your garage feels too hot.

Even as you explore permanent solutions such as installing ACs and insulating the space or going for temporary fixes such as using fans, you want to seek the HVAC technicians’ help on what works best. Note that working with a seasoned expert will yield results. Call us to schedule the HVAC Contractors Garden Grove and the surrounding areas.