Essential HVAC Maintenance Steps to Complete Frequently

Essential HVAC Maintenance Steps To Complete Frequently

HVAC Systems are the reason why your home or workplace feels much more comfortable throughout the year. However, imagine it’s the middle of winter when your heat pump fails, or you have a summer party, but your air conditioner stops working. These problems could all be prevented in real life if you perform general or monthly maintenance with your HVAC System.

Finding an AC Technician in your area and enduring the discomfort in your home or workplace while waiting can be nerve-racking. As a better alternative, maintaining your HVAC unit can lessen your worries as a home or business owner, as it can also save you both a lot more money and time in the long run.

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A Routine HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Although there are more general maintenance tasks that need to be done by HVAC professionals, such as seasonal and annual maintenance, there are some tasks that you or your maintenance staff can do on a regular or monthly basis. For Heater tune-up Riverside, CA, Contact us.  Here are some of them.

1. Inspect the System Entirely From Time to Time

Most home or building owners often do inspections on their systems only after serious problems arise. To prevent severe malfunctions and high costs, you should carry out regular inspections on your HVAC systems.

An inspection would include checking the components of your HVAC equipment. You should check if there are any possible signs or hints that could lead to serious problems such as detached pipes, dirty refrigerant lines, leaks, and rusts. You should also make sure to get the vents checked out as they should be free from mold or anything that could cause an obstruction.

Your cooling and heating appliances should have at least three feet of clearance space, as well. It’s also important to note that you should also check for any inappropriate odors or noises when you start it if your unit is indoors. If you happen to hear or smell something that seems bad, they could be signs of more severe problems with your system.

2. Change the Air Filters Regularly

It’s essential to check the filters of your HVAC equipment to make sure they are in good condition. If your air filters are not in good shape, the airflow from your system will not be as efficient as it was when it was brand new. Therefore, if your unit is in bad condition, it will use more energy and work harder to function correctly.

This becomes more important to do regularly if your business involves manufacturing or production, as such activities are known to be the common causes of dirty air filters. If your building has lots of dust or dirt, it would be wise to check your air filters regularly.

Preferably, it would help if you replaced your filters as soon as they are noticeably dirty. It is suggested that you check at least every 90 days. Homes or commercial buildings often vary when it comes to air filter maintenance, so you could also check monthly to see if it’s clogged or dirty. If you have pets in your home or workplace, you may need to change your air filters monthly, as well.

3. Inspect and Clean your Drainage Lines

The drainage line of your HVAC unit or air conditioner is responsible for removing any excess moisture that it has. Often, the drainage lines’ maintenance is overlooked, leading to severe problems such as messy and damaging water leaks. The process starts when the condensation is put through the drainage lines into a collecting tray, wherein it will naturally evaporate.

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As time goes by, the tray will attract unwelcome microbes, including algae, molds, and bacteria. Again, these microbes are known to cause system blockages. You should clean the drainage lines and collection tray regularly to prevent any breakdowns with your HVAC system.

If your tray is not emptied regularly, the tray could overflow and damage property. It’s highly recommended that you periodically check if your unit is working as required. A vacuum can get rid of blocked areas, and bleach can also help clean the drainage line. The drainage lines should be clear of any blockage and, the collection pan should not be overflowing.

4. Remove any Debris Near Your Outdoor Units

It’s also important to remove any debris, such as leaves and twigs, from the top and sides of your outdoor air-conditioning units and heat pumps. If you’re planning to mow your lawn in the summer, avoid getting grass clippings onto your outdoor units. A regular check and cleaning on your outdoor units for any debris will let you have equipment that will last longer. Furthermore, it will help prevent your system from malfunctioning.

5. Check your Refrigerant Lines Monthly

Refrigerant lines that come from your outdoor HVAC unit into your home or building are responsible for providing you the heating or cooling you need. If such lines are not maintained properly, they can develop leakage or become disconnected. Therefore, if the lines disconnect, you won’t get the comfortable temperature you need for your home or workplace. Our technicians advise that you check these lines at least once a month or more often.

Other Things You Should Consider Doing

You can do other things for your HVAC systems, such as leveling your outdoor units, inspecting your system’s fan blades, or eliminating any clogged buildup of algae or mold. Still, such tasks may prove to be difficult for you to handle alone. Having a routine in inspecting and maintaining your HVAC system can lead to fewer costs, better air quality, and safety. However, you should also consider the general maintenance of your system that professionals can only do.

Our expert team here at Absolute Airflow Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing can help you ensure that your HVAC System continues to run correctly for the years to come. For more information about maintaining your Heater Systems Corona, CA, or to schedule an inspection with our team of HVAC professionals, please contact us today.

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