How Can I Get More Life Out of My Air Conditioning Unit?

How Can I Get More Life Out Of My Air Conditioning Unit?

When it comes to taking good care of your home, you need to reduce the maintenance costs of essential devices such as hot water systems and air conditioning units. And living in Southern California, we indeed all rely heavily on our air conditioning. That’s why you must use air conditioning contractors that are reputable and have your comfort, safety, and wellbeing at the top of their minds.

Quick and Easy Fixes to Prevent Bugs from Coming in Through Your AC

Use a Compressor Saver

Most people do not know how vital a compressor saver is when it comes to helping their AC units last longer. Well, a compressor saver is an excellent electrical device that you attach to your air conditioning unit’s condensing section. The compressor saver allows your air conditioning unit’s compressor to start up faster and use less power when processing.

Because of the compressor saver’s ability to start the AC’s compressor quickly and reduce power usage, it increases the life of your air conditioning unit.

First, it reduces the cost of air conditioning service calls caused by power damages when used in excessive supply and reduces the energy intake of your unit, which sometimes leads to electric shocks.

Apart from using a compressor saver, getting more life out of your air conditioning unit can be gained from doing the following:

Cleaning Outside Condenser

AC’s outdoor part needs to be free from weeds and mulch. It is also wise and vital to get more life of any air conditioning unit by making sure it is installed while sitting in a flat and higher level on the ground to prevent water from pooling in its bottom when it rains.

Use AC’s Fan

On days when it’s moderately warm, all you need to do to get more life out of your air conditioning unit is using fans. A fan keeps your AC unit comfortable and relaxed in the afternoons until it cools down. If you decide to use a fan by putting it by the window, use the windows on the shady side of your house to allow drawing in cooler air.

Air Conditioning Inspections

To ensure your AC conditioning unit lasts longer, an airflow inspection should be a regular act. Absolute Airflow Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing can make sure your air conditioning unit’s areas around its vents are clear to prevent blocking airflow. Also, if doing this yourself, inspect both outlets and return air venting.

Inspecting your unit’s airflow aims to prevent obstructions such as furniture and drapes that can effectively stop air from coming in. Lastly, when inspecting airflow, remember to check the AC’s dampers if they are all open airway and vacuum way.

Turning off Humidifiers

When set on or put on their winter modes, most humidifies, especially the By-pass models, add moisture to the surrounding air. To help keep your HVAC unit from running longer and wearing out, turn humidifiers off frequently or put them on summer modes before starting your air conditioner. Once humidifier functioning is regulated, air conditioning units tend to last longer than usual.


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