How Often Should I Change My HVAC Filter?

How Often Should I Change My HVAC Filter?

Things to Think About

To guarantee a healthy indoor environment, HVAC filters should be changed or cleaned regularly. But how often is the right amount? Our HVAC contractors in the Westminster, CA, area say it depends on several different factors, including the type of filter you have and where you live. In general, HVAC filters need to be routinely replaced at least once every three months for optimal performance and efficiency. Call Absolute Airflow Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing and rely on us to do an exceptional job the first time around!

Factors That Affect How Often HVAC Filters Need To Be Changed

There are several factors that will affect how often HVAC filters need to be changed. These factors include:

  • HVAC System Type: HVAC systems come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to understand the type of HVAC system you have, as this will determine how often your filters need to be changed or cleaned.
  • Location: Living in Orange county or Riverside county, with heavy pollen counts in the spring and summer, your HVAC filter should be changed more frequently than if you lived somewhere with low pollen counts year-round.
  • Filter Type: Depending on the type of HVAC filter you use, you may need to change it more or less frequently. For example, disposable HVAC filters should be changed every three months, while washable HVAC filters can usually last up to a year before needing replacement. However, you’ll still want to clean them regularly before disposing of them. You can rely on one of our AC Companies Corona, CA, and the surrounding areas.
  • Usage: An additional thing to consider is how much the HVAC system is actually being used in your home or business. If it’s running all day long consistently, then you will likely have to replace the filter more regularly than if you only use it occasionally.
  • Safety: Finally, it’s essential to consider safety when determining how often to replace your HVAC filter. If an HVAC filter is clogged with dust or debris, it won’t be able to circulate air properly throughout the home or business, which can lead to health risks. By changing HVAC filters regularly, you can reduce the risk of these problems and ensure a safe, healthy environment for everyone who uses your HVAC system.

There are many things to consider when deciding how often you should change out your HVAC filter. Contact one of our experienced HVAC contractors and Heating Repair Garden Grove, for expert advice on HVAC filter selection and maintenance. With proper care and regular replacement of HVAC filters, you’ll be able to guarantee comfortable indoor air quality all year long!

How We Can Help

If you’re still unsure of how often to change your HVAC filter, contact a qualified HVAC contractor from Absolute Airflow Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing for assistance. They can advise on the best HVAC filter for your system and help you determine the frequency it should be changed. With regular maintenance and proper HVAC filter replacement, you can guarantee optimal performance and efficiency from your HVAC system.

Whether you want to schedule a maintenance appointment, are experiencing a problem with your HVAC system, or are looking for an air conditioning or Heater Installation Corona, area, give us a call at 855-254-4530 for a free consultation!

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