How to Fix Cold and Hot Spots in Your House

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Uneven cooling and heating is a common problem in most homes. Many homeowners struggle with ensuring their homes feel balanced and comfortable, but hot and cold spots can be a giant menace. Unfortunately, this issue happens even with the best HVAC system installed. The stress of having a comfortable and warm living room only to go to a cold and uninviting bedroom is one that many people are too familiar with. So how do you get this situation under control? Keep reading for more insights.

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Identify the Causes

Hot and cold spots do not just happen. They are often triggered by specific things, which you need to understand if you find a solution that lasts. Some of the common causes of hot and cold spots include:

  • The structure of your home: Depending on how the house is built, you may experience more or less hot and cold spots. Several things about the design of your home could influence this situation. For example, it matters how many windows you have, the level of insulation, the level of sunlight exposure, and the exact floor plan of the house. All these factors influence the level of warmth or cold differently. It is crucial to understand how this works.
  • Ductwork Installation: Temperature inconsistencies are not only influenced by insulation and windows. How your ductwork is laid may also impact whether or not your house suffers from hot and cold spots. When the ductwork is adequately designed, air will spread evenly to all house parts, promoting similar temperature conditions. Unfortunately, when the design is off or the ductwork is improperly installed, there is a possibility that it may lead to cold and hot spots since some rooms will get more heat than others. For this kind of problem you can call our HVAC contractor in Garden Grove.

Fixing Hot and Cold Spots

Once you understand what could be causing the hot and cold spots in your house, you will be in a better position to reverse or control them. Popular solutions to explore include the following:

  • Ensuring there are no Blocked Vents: Make sure that no air vents are blocked. Remove furniture and other items that could be blocking the vent from spreading the heated air across the room. Sometimes something as simple as your sofa could be absorbing all the heat from the heater and causing a cold spot around that area. Moving the couch can make a huge difference.
  • Check for Drafts: Sometimes the cold spot in your living room or bedroom is not a cold spot but a draft from an improperly sealed window. Check to see that all potential draft entrances are sealed off completely. Always check windows and doors for broken seals. These are responsible for causing the draft that works against your furnace or heater. Once you take care of such lapses, you may permanently fix the problem or improve the situation significantly.
  • Explore Insulation: One of the best solutions to heat loss is insulating the house. In case most of the heat is lost through the attic, floors, and walls. This can happen more in certain areas than others, especially if the insulation fails in those parts. Have experts assess the situation and improve the insulation. The expert can advise on the way forward after the evaluation phase.
  • Utilize Zoning and Better Thermostats: If your budget allows, consider going to rezoning HVAC units. These will enable you to control the temperature in specific areas and adjust them according to your preference. This means that even with hot and cold spots, you can still achieve a comfortable temperature level. It will also help you save costs.
  • Duct Cleaning and Furnace Maintenance: Clean the ducts and maintain your furnace correctly. While these may not cause the hot and cold spots, they can worsen if left unattended. Keep the furnace and ducts clean at all times to minimize the effect caused by the hot and cold spots. We also provide all kind of furnace service in Garden Grove, CAat an affordable price.

It is possible to reverse the hot and cold spots in your home. However, most of the measures that rectify the causes can be extreme and thus very expensive, especially if it involves remodeling the house. In such cases, it is advisable to manage the situation and make do with it, especially if the cause is permanent.