How to Keep You and Your Home Cool When Your AC Breaks Down

How To Keep You And Your Home Cool When Your AC Breaks Down

There are few things as distressing as arriving back home in the middle of summer to find that your air conditioner has broken down. Breakdowns often occur when you have an AC unit that is too old and cannot handle the extreme temperatures that summer can provide. If you do not properly service your AC unit before summer starts, it can also happen, allowing minor repair issues to worsen and lead to a breakdown. Having hoped you would escape the sweltering heat within the confines and comfort of home, you will have to find other ways to keep cool while waiting for a technician to get to you.

Tips for cooling

Draw the Curtains

While it can be nice to let natural lighting into a room, doing so can allow the heat of the sun’s rays to pour into your home. A greenhouse effect is created, and the temperature in the house will rise. With the AC out, you should opt to draw your curtains or shades to block the sun’s rays from penetrating your home and increasing temperatures. Ensure that you also close the windows as in the summer, the breeze will be warm and will add to your discomfort. Your home will be darker but also cooler.

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are designed to turn clockwise, drawing in air to be heated and distributed through the house, pushing warm air towards the floor. You can switch them to rotate counterclockwise, which will result in the fan drawing cool air that has settled towards the bottom and circulating it around the room. Check for a switch on the side of the unit that will allow you to reverse the direction of the rotation the fans turn in.

Create a Cool Breeze

If it is nighttime, the outdoor temperature will have dropped, and it would be an excellent time to keep the windows open. The breeze at this time will help cool your house and allow for any warm air that is inside to escape. Be sure to close them back again as soon as the sun rises in the morning to avoid the warmed-up air from getting in.

If you have some ice in the refrigerator, put it in a bowl. You can also stock up on ice from the store or use some frozen water bottles. Place the bowl or bottles in front of a table fan and switch it on. As the warm air from the fan passes through the melting ice, it will create a cool breeze that will make for some cool refreshment. Sit in the path of this breeze and enjoy some relief from the unrelenting heat.

It is always best to go with a little more capacity than recommended in the case of expansion tanks because it will not hurt your plumbing. If you are unfamiliar with the process, hiring a professional is always the best way to go. Plumbing services will help you decide on the best brand and size for expansion tanks and even cover maintenance duties.

  • Use a Cool Towel: You can help bring down your body temperature by applying a cold towel to the back of your neck. Take a few small or medium-sized towels and wet them with cool water. Place them in your freezer to get nice and cold. Take out one at a time and apply them to the back of your neck, forehead, and wrists. Once the cold dissipates, you can exchange the towel for a fresh cold one from the freezer. You can also take a cold shower or bath to keep cool. Do not dry your hair, as leaving it wet can also provide relief for a few hours.
  • Drink Something Cold: You can further cool yourself from the inside by enjoying a cold beverage. You will feel relieved and more comfortable when you can keep cool on the inside and out. Choose drinks that will help keep you well hydrated. Try to choose anything that is water-rich, but limit any alcohol or sugar intake as this can promote dehydration.
  • Have a Cold Meal: Choose meals that do not require heat for cooking or preparation. Using a stove or oven will add to the heat indoors. Unless you are going to grill outside, choose dishes that will not add to your problem. Opt for foods that will further cool you internally, like chilled fresh fruit or vegetable salad or a charcuterie board.
  • Get Some Rest: The more active you are, the more your body temperature will rise. It can help to lie down and sleep if you can. If you cannot sleep, watch a movie or read a book. Being inactive as possible will make it easier for your body to try and stay cool. This is what animals often do on hot days, opting to be nocturnal and more active after the sun sets.
  • Dress Lightly: Wear light and loose-fitting clothing to try and stay cool. The more exposed skin you have, the more comfortable you will feel. Ensure that you slather on sunscreen if you intend on going out into the sunlight. Remember to reapply the sunscreen every few hours.
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