Outstanding Tips To Winterize Your Home

How are you preparing your home for the winter? Is your heater system ready to keep you comfortable during the cold season in Riverside, CA?

Below Are Ten Effective Tips To Prepare Your Home For Winter.

Insulate the attic

Unfortunately, the attic insulation in most homes is either nonexistent or inadequate. Experts for heater installation in Corona recommend that attics have at least R-38 insulation, typically 10 to 14 inches deep.

The hot air in the rooms below will only be able to enter the attic if the attic floor is adequately insulated. Therefore, caulking all ceiling penetrations or holes around pipes, ducts, and wires and installing insulation over the attic hatchway or stairway is vital.

Sealant Cracks

Filling up cracks, holes, and open seams around the surface of your home is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to prevent the entry of cold air.

Fill any openings that allow air to leak using a high-quality expanding foam sealant or acrylic latex caulk during furnace service in Garden Grove, CA. Also, pay close attention to the spaces surrounding windows, doors, hose faucets, and the points where the siding extends beyond the foundation.

Furnace Filter Replacement

During the winter season, try to replace the air filter in your furnace every two months. The furnace’s efficiency will be significantly decreased by an airflow obstruction caused by a dirty or clogged filter.

Think about switching out a cheap disposable filter with an electrostatic type. Additionally, have a certified specialist in heater installation in Corona tune up your furnace once a year.

Place A Programmable Thermostat In Place.

Experts for furnace service in Garden Grove, CA, advise installing an adaptable and programmable thermostat to suit your lifestyle.

For instance, you could program it to turn on and turn off according to your desired requirement. Additionally, if you purchase a smart programmable thermostat and heater system in Riverside, CA, you can also manage it with a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Install Insulated Window Coverings

Experts for heater systems in Riverside, CA, advise covering windows with insulated shades or heavy, quilted curtains to make spaces feel warmer.

Put Electrical Outlet Gaskets In Place.

Unexpectedly cold air rushes in surrounding electrical outlets, which seems impossible. Furthermore, the heat loss is substantial because even a modest-sized home contains dozens of outlets.

Foam-rubber outlet gaskets are quick and inexpensive to stop gusts of air coming from outlets. You can also call a professional for furnace service in Garden Grove, CA.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

Most fans contain a switch—usually on the motor housing or the remote control—that enables you to reverse the direction of the fan blades. For example, the edges turn in the opposite direction during the summer to release a cooling wind.

The HVAC contractor in Westminster, CA, advises reversing the blade rotation in the winter. In this manner, the fan will push warm air accumulated at the ceiling into the space.

Set Up Storm Windows

Install storm windows if your house doesn’t already have insulated glass windows. According to HVAC contractors in Westminster, CA, old single-pane windows could be more efficient and helpful.

Storm windows add a layer of defense against the elements, including snow, wind, and rain, by mounting to the outside of existing windows.

Change The Door Weatherstripping.

Verify that the weather stripping is intact and not shredded, crushed, or missing around all outside doors. You should either add a door sweep or elevate the threshold if sunlight comes through.

You can try a tip to spot drafts. Pass an incense stick slowly around the door while it is still burning. The smoke stream will sway in response to even the slightest breeze, showing the location of air leaks.

Insulating Hot Water Pipes

Due to the insulation, your boiler or water heater won’t have to work hard to keep the water hot inside the pipe. Additionally, waiting for hot water to come out of the tap or shower head will not require as much time or water. Instead, call a skilled HVAC contractor in Westminster, CA, to insulate the pipes.

As a homeowner, take preventative measures to prepare your home for winter to avoid damage, increase winter comfort, and retain your home’s long-term worth. Contact Absolute Airflow Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing to learn more ways to save money and energy. Then, call us at 1-855-254-4530 to schedule an appointment for heater installation in Corona.

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