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Should I Replace the Furnace When Replacing the Air Conditioner?

HVAC systems require regular maintenances to prevent them from breaking down abruptly. This is because they are such an essential component in your home that offers comfort throughout the year. However, maintenances and repairs are, to some extent, not sufficient.

Replacing old and damaged systems goes a long way in solving substantial repair bills, frequent malfunctions, and accidents. The HVAC system comprises an AC and a furnace, which work in sync to cool indoor air in your home. After some time, it’s always recommended to replace the AC due to several reasons. This then begs the question, should this replacement be done on the furnace too? Let’s try to break it down.

What Can Cause A Furnace To Stop Working?

Functions of the Furnace in the HVAC System

You need to understand how the furnace works in case of an emergency so that you can quickly troubleshoot problems. The furnace is usually installed inside your house and attached to the condensing unit and thermostat.

This process is a continuous cycle that ensures that you have a regulated environment inside your home, even when the outdoor weather conditions are unbearable.

Here are the steps that it takes for the furnace to heat indoor air.

  • The thermostat in your home detects temperature changes and signals both the furnace and the blower fan in the AC,
  • Outdoor air blows into the furnace, and your furnace’s gas or fuel source starts heating the air.
  • The temperature of the air rises, and warm air is pushed through the ductwork,
  • After the air temperature reaches the desired level, the thermostat sends a signal that shuts the furnace and the blower motor.

However, these machines can’t practically provide service forever, even when taken good care of. Thus, there comes a time when you have to consider replacing a unit or the whole. To help us determine what needs to be changed, let’s see how long they can work.

Average Lifespans of AC units and Furnaces

Air Conditioner or Condensing Unit

Ideally, a well-maintained AC can last upwards of 15 years. It depends on how well the system is maintained and how often you run your air conditioning unit.


The furnace, on the other hand, lasts a little longer. Furnaces have an average lifespan of 15-30 years. However, this depends on factors such as usability, maintenance, and model.

Replacing HVAC Systems – What to Consider

Since both AC and furnaces are highly dependent on each other, ensuring that they are working efficiently together is crucial. This is done by repairing and making sure all parts are working correctly.

Provided that the furnace and the AC have deferring lifespans, it becomes a little challenging to decide if to replace both or one at a time. But here is the kicker, the lifespan of the furnace is almost double that of the AC. This means that you can use one furnace with two AC units.

Therefore, should you replace the furnace and AC at the same time? Yes, if the furnace is twice older than the AC or is completely broken. And no, if the furnace was installed at the same time as the AC or condenser unit.

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