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The Pros and Cons of Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning System

The ductless feature is the latest technology in the air conditioning system industry. You can use the unit for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes. Depending on the size and ability, a ductless air conditioning system can cool different rooms in a house.

The technology is proven efficient and reliable, saving you the time and struggles that come with ductwork. The air handlers are placed indoors as the main unit is set outdoors. You can install one air handler per room. This technology is also beneficial to people who prefer not to purchase the outdoor unit because each air handler has a thermostat that functions at an independent level.

The installation process will depend on how far the electrical is coming from and the specific location desired in each home. You’ll first need to outfit your home with mini-split systems that are ductless by drilling holes in every room you intend to place the air handlers. They are fixed upon the wall through mounting. Like every product, the ductless mini-split air conditioning system has both pros and cons. They offer insights about the item to guide you on its likable and unlikeable features to help you understand if it suits your preference or not.



This system comes with multiple air handlers. You can place them in every section of the house and set each independently, according to the occupant’s preferences. It enables you to move from one room to another without worrying about the temperature. 

Since each mini-split system works independently, you can perform your duties in the kitchen, for example, comfortably without interfering with the activities happening in other rooms. When it gets too hot in there, you’ll only have to turn it down a bit. Likewise, you can leave the children’s rooms under a higher temperature than other rooms to keep them warmer.

Energy Efficiency

Compared to traditional air conditioning systems, the ductless mini splits system is highly energy efficient. Without the ductwork, you have fewer worries about air leaks, which constitute 30% of a household’s total air loss, which translates to energy wastage and money. 

Provides Quality Air

Ducts are responsible for the collection of dust that contaminates the air circulated in the room. The ductless technology eliminates the possibility of letting dust into the indoor spaces.

Quite Systems

Unlike the other types of ACs, the ductless system has a quieter whisper that is barely audible. This is an essential feature for children’s rooms or spaces where silence is required. 

Traditional systems produce buzzing vibrations that can interfere with your concentration. The ductless mini-split system will help you avoid this. 


The air handlers are small, compact, and suitable for saving space as they can be mounted on the wall. You don’t have to give up a section of your basement, utility, closet, or other spaces to give way to the duct addition. 

Easy, Quick, and Flexible Installation

The mini-split air conditioning system units can be fixed anywhere, depending on the cooling requirements within or outside the premises. Minimal work is required because there’s no need to fix the ducts or source for storage space.

Superior Performance 

A highly functioning ductless system has a performance ability of 30 SEER, unlike the 14 to 17 SEER from the traditional split AC system. Its performance superiority is responsible for approximately 50% of the cooling and heating costs.


Maintenance Cost

The ductless system calls for more frequent attention in comparison to other systems. The air filters must be checked, serviced, or replaced annually, especially in households with pets or children. Fans and thermostats must also be checked frequently. If not cleaned, the fans accumulate dirt that slows them down or damages them beyond functionality.

The units are also maintained because they function independently. That adds to the expenses, especially if they spoil in different parts and require urgent fixing.

Relatively Expensive

The buying price is quite on the higher end. On the brighter side, the initial investment is recoverable through the savings gathered through the system’s energy efficiency.

Air Stagnation

Each air handler can only serve a single room. This can lead to air and pressure stagnation, spreading the issue to the entire house.


Air conditioning systems offer you the choice of maintaining a comfortable temperature range within your premises. It is important to check the features and compare the pros and cons of each system before opting for it. The ductless mini-split air conditioning system has more pros than cons, meaning that it is manageable and a great solution to maximize your comfort in your home, office, or other places.

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