Types Of Furnace Noises And How To Fix Them

Furnaces make noise while operating, just like other machinery. However, there is a problem if your furnace makes any odd noises. These noises can alert you to contact HVAC companies for heating repair in Corona. Knowing what different furnace noises imply is essential to understanding what is wrong.

Types Of Noises And Their Troubleshooting.

Scraping Noises

A flaw in the furnace’s blower wheel is most likely the cause of the scraping noise. However, different factors may be causing the blower wheel to make the scraping sounds. For example, the wheel might be loose and banging against the blower housing to create noise.

Solution: When you hear a scraping noise, contact a furnace specialist for heating repair in Corona. Skilled technicians frequently fix this issue by tightening the blower wheel.


Squealing indicates that your bearings or belts need to be replaced.

Solution: Lubrication is a simple solution. A low-cost remedy so that you can exhale with relief. To do it properly, you should hire an expert in heating repairs in Riverside, CA.

High-Pitched Squealing

High-pitched screaming typically indicates an airflow problem. The blower in your furnace is fighting to draw in enough air, which is what you are hearing. The cause can be a clogged heating vent, a closed heating vent, or a dirty air filter.

Solution: Verify if vents are clear and open. Replace your air filter if necessary.

A Thwapping Noise

Something is lodged in the blades when the blower makes a thwapping noise. The noise is similar to playing cards when fastened to a bicycle wheel’s spokes.

Solution: Even if you can tolerate the noise, you should get the appliance inspected by technicians to find the source of the issue. The motor may strain if nothing is done, leading to a severe system failure later.


One of two problems is usually to blame for rattling. The first is a broken or loose furnace component. Typically, this means a panel, ductwork connection, or fan belt. A damaged heat exchanger is the second typical reason.

Solution: If your heat exchanger is damaged, replacing your older furnace is the best. Contact an expert for heating repair in Garden Grove.

Screeching Sounds

The most likely causes of a screeching noise from the furnace are damaged motor bearings or a worn belt.

Solution: You should get a professional for heating repair in Westminster. The belt needs to be replaced right away; else, the blower won’t operate.

Popping or Banging Sounds

Banging or popping noises are typically caused by the air ducts’ expansion and contraction. These are generally safe. Be alert, nevertheless, for significantly louder popping or slamming sounds. They might be an indication of furnace combustion problems.

Solution: Call a specialist as soon as possible for heating repair in Westminster.


A furnace that disturbs you with loud noises is a warning sign! Your furnace can be kept in good working condition with routine servicing, maintenance, and tune-up appointments. However, it’s vital to remain on guard against system modifications constantly. Being vigilant will help in preventing heating repair in Garden Grove.

At Absolute Airflow Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing, we provide a wide range of heating and cooling services. Our team is skilled in delivering top-notch services. Please make an appointment with our team for a heating repair in Riverside, CA, by calling 1-855-254-4530.

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