What Are the Most Common HVAC Replacement Parts

If your HVAC system breaks down, getting it fixed promptly is essential. In some cases, this may involve replacing certain parts. Look no further than Absolute Airflow for top-quality HVAC repair and replacement services in Riverside, CA. Contact us today to ensure your system is in the best possible hands.

The Most Common HVAC Replacement Parts

  • Air Filters
    One of the most common HVAC replacement parts is the air filter. Air filters capture dirt, dust, and other pollutants that can accumulate in your home’s air supply. These filters can become clogged over term, decreasing the efficiency of your HVAC system and decreasing indoor air quality. 
  • Thermostats
    Another standard HVAC replacement part is the thermostat. The thermostat regulates the temperature in your home by communicating with your HVAC system. If your thermostat isn’t working correctly, your HVAC system may not turn on or off when it should, causing your home to be too hot or cold. 
  • Capacitors
    Capacitors are another common HVAC replacement part. Capacitors are small electrical components that store energy and release it when needed to start motors and compressors. Over time, capacitors can wear out, causing your HVAC system to stop working correctly. 
  • Contactors
    Contactors are another electrical component of your HVAC system that can wear out over time. Contactors are responsible for sending an electrical current to start and stop your HVAC system’s motors and compressors. When contractors wear out, they may be unable to make a good connection, preventing your HVAC system from turning on or off. 
  • Blower Motors
    Blower motors are responsible for circulating air throughout your home. If your blower motor stops working correctly, your HVAC system won’t be able to move air effectively, leading to decreased indoor air quality and decreased efficiency. Replacing a blower motor can be more expensive than replacing other HVAC parts, but it is vital for keeping your system running smoothly.

Why Are These Parts So Commonly Replaced?

There are several reasons why these parts are so commonly replaced. First, many of these parts are responsible for the basic operation of your HVAC system. If your air filter is dirty, your HVAC system won’t work as efficiently, leading to higher energy bills and decreased indoor air quality. Similarly, if your thermostat isn’t working correctly, your HVAC system may not be able to regulate the temperature in your home correctly.

Second, many of these parts are subject to wear and tear over time. Electrical components like capacitors and contactors can wear out over time, leading to HVAC system malfunctions. Blower motors can also wear out over time, especially if not maintained properly.

Finally, replacing these parts is often less expensive than replacing your entire HVAC system. If your HVAC system isn’t working correctly, replacing a few parts is often more cost-effective than investing in a new system altogether. Call Absolute Airflow today if you need help with AC repair in Westminster, CA, and the surrounding areas. 

Bottom Line

Remember that the parts listed above are critical to the proper operation of your HVAC system. If they’re not working correctly, it can lead to decreased indoor air quality, increased energy bills, and other issues. So, if you’re looking for a reliable heating, ventilation, or air conditioning contractor in Corona, CA, contact Absolute Airflow. We promise to troubleshoot your HVAC issues and provide the best solution possible. 

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