What Can I Do to Lower My Energy Bills?

What Can I Do to Lower My Energy Bills?

Your energy bills arise from energy usage, which essentially refers to the amount of power consumed to perform a task or accomplish a specific objective. These tasks include cooling, heating, and lighting in your home. Thus, high bills mean high energy consumption.

  • Power and Lighting: Considerable energy is consumed from electronics, appliances, lights, and your HVAC system. Nowadays, there are things you can do to help reduce your energy costs.
  • Swap Out Light Bulbs: Incandescent bulbs are cheap, but they consume more energy than Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LED).
  • Lighting Sensors or Timed Sensors: This tip comes in handy where standard lighting depends on manual switches. Automatic lighting or lights with timers will save you much more energy consumption during the night.
  • Turn Off Lights: Arguably the most overlooked practice in many homesteads. Furthermore, you can engage the services of an electrician to install motion sensors to regulate the lighting.
  • Use Smart Power Strips: These strips are used in devices that need the power to be on standby mode. Utilizing smart power strips can help you in disconnecting the current when the devices are not in use.
  • Use Task Lighting: Turn off ceiling lights and use table lamps, track lighting, and under-counter lights in work, hobbies, and kitchen areas.
  • Unplug Electronics: Did you know that standby power can account for up to 10% of average electricity consumption in a home? Electric kettles, radios, and computers are among the most overlooked devices.
  • Replace Aged Appliances: Old devices may act as waste in power consumption; therefore, replacing them once in a while can help save power and energy consumption.
  • Heating and Cooling: HVAC systems can be the most energy and power consumers, especially in the middle of summer. If your HVAC system is older than seven years old, you could save thousands of dollars by upgrading to a more energy-efficient higher SEER rating system. In that case, some elements of heating and cooling that you can fix to reduce energy bills are.
  • Replace Manual Thermostat: Conventional thermostats are a deal-breaker. The weather changes when you go on a vacation, and the thermostat will still signal the AC to heat or cool your house. You don’t want that. A programmable or smart thermostat will ensure that the HVAC system is heating and cooling your home efficiently.
  • Adjust Fridge and Freezer Temperatures: Consider setting your fridge to 36-38° F and your freezer to 0-5° F. This move will ensure you get effective services while saving power.
  • Fix Leaky Ductwork: Improve the efficiency of your cooling and heating systems by getting the help of an HVAC professional to repair leaky air ducts.
  • Windows, Doors, and Appliances: A lousy seal allows air to seep out, therefore, acting as energy loss points. Make sure your fridge and freezer are well sealed to keep the cold air where it belongs. The same goes for windows and doors.
  • Solar Panels: Solar panels are excellent alternatives to reduce heating loads as they utilize the natural sun compared to other heating appliances that use electricity to be powered.
  • Window Shades: Window shades can reduce energy significantly by keeping the sun’s hot rays off of the windows. Windows are made out of glass which is a conductor of heat and can raise the temperature in your home.


Energy bills are hard to escape, especially when you have appliances in your home, such as heaters and air conditioners. However, high bills that have an upward trend should warn you of abnormal energy usage.

Absolute Airflow Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing can help you reduce your energy usage on your Heater Systems Corona, CA. Please get in touch with us today, and one of our comfort advisors can make recommendations.

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