Why Does My Air Conditioning Keep Freezing Up?

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Why Does My Air Conditioning Keep Freezing Up?

So before we jump into the actual solutions of why your air conditioning system is freezing up, let’s talk about the reason behind it freezing up.

In air conditioning systems, we want condensation to be flowing because that indicates that the air conditioning system is doing its job. We know we have a severe problem with your air conditioning system when we don’t see the condensation.

There are usually three possible solutions to this problem. One of the possible solutions is simply replacing your thermostat. You could have a faulty thermostat, and we do this all the time for our customers. This is the brains behind the operation of your HVAC system. It’s what controls the airflow going across your coils, and if you don’t have the proper airflow, you’re going to have your system freezing up on you.

You can check this by actually going to an air vent. You’ll see it either on your wall or in the ceiling, and you can then feel if you have warm air coming out of the vents. So you have your thermostat set at 75 – 76, whatever your desired temperature is, but your feeling warm air coming out there is a problem. The solution is not something you’re going to do yourself because of the federal government regulations on refrigerant charging. We are EPA Certified which allows us to handle refrigerant and install that in your system.

The second solution is not having the proper amounts of refrigerant in your air conditioning system. Typically, it’s too low, and it’s because it was either installed improperly or you might have a leak in the system.

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Bonus Information

There’s a misconception out there that you need to have your air conditioning system filled with freon every single year. That is 100% incorrect! If you have to fill up your system every year, you’ve got many other problems going on, and it’s causing a lot more stress on your air conditioning system.

It’s shortening the life of your air conditioning system, and quite honestly, you’re not getting the comfort you deserve. So the idea is to find the leak in the system. As an example, think about this for a second, when’s the last time you filled up your refrigerator with freon? Or said,” Hey, my refrigerator is not cooling. I need you to fill it up with more freon!”

It doesn’t happen because it’s a closed system. Your air conditioning system is identical to that situation. So as promised number three solution is almost free, and that is replacing your air filter.

Your air filters should look clean. Now, it gets dirty over time and needs to be replaced. This is what we often find out there in the field where you have a filthy air filter. Dirt and debris on the filter are going to restrict the amount of airflow going across those coils. Remove this and replace it. Your filters will be found either by your furnace, in a wall or ceiling know as the return vent.

How often should I replace my air filters? That question has a lot of different variables.

  • It depends on how often you use the system.
  • How many people do you have in the house.
  • How many pets do you have in the house?
  • The environment you live in

At a bare minimum, you should replace the air filters at least twice a year. A lot of people replace them four times a year. But again, it just depends on how often you use that air conditioning system, but check it from time to time and look at the difference.

So at the end of the day, if this is a bit overwhelming or you have some more questions, feel free to give us a call and schedule the  HVAC Repair Riverside, CA  and the surrounding areas.

To avoid any setbacks with your air conditioning unit, you need to keep it functioning optimally. By so doing, you will cut unnecessary repair costs and bills.