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Why Is My AC Blowing Hot Air in My House?

Summer heat is serious, and no doubt, air conditioning is the most crucial thing for anyone who wants to stay cool and comfortable. However, it sometimes starts to acts up, and the worst situation happens: the AC, which is meant to cool your house, starts blowing hot air in your home instead. The last thing anyone wants to ask in summer is, “Why is my AC Blowing hot air in my house?”

There are a lot of variables when it comes to your AC malfunctioning. While some are simple and easy to figure out, others are complex and can be expensive. To understand it better, you first need to understand two things. The first one is how people often neglect HVAC maintenance that leads to the systems failing, and the second is top problems on why an AC system might break.

Note: If you’re a complete novice in these issues, it might be better for you to call an HVAC company like us here at Absolute Airflow to take a look at your AC system and solve the problem quickly.

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Common Reasons Why Your AC May Blow Hot Air

Many people often neglect maintenance on their HVAC system, which eventually leads to the systems failing. These are some of the six more common consequences that you might face if you neglect AC maintenance:

  1. Poor indoor air quality.
  2. Higher cooling expenses.
  3. The shorter life span of an air conditioner.
  4. More repairs and replacements.
  5. Poor reliability throughout the summer.

Now that we’ve seen the consequences of neglecting AC maintenance let’s head on to the top problems on why AC may sometimes break.

1. The Thermostat on the Wrong Setting

You’ll want to make sure to check your thermostat settings. You should do this because the thermostat’s fan settings control the fan in your AC unit.

Check that if you or someone may have accidentally bumped onto the thermostat and changed the settings to “heat.” In that case, you want to change the settings back to “cool.”

You should also double-check that the fan is set to “auto” rather than “on.” It’s necessary to set it to auto because it only uses the fan when the air is heated or cooled. If you choose the “on” option, the fan will run continuously, even if the air conditioner is not turned on, which will result in warm air coming inside your house.

2. The Air Filter Is Dirty

A dirty air filter eventually leads to a dirty evaporator coil. This evaporator coil, which gets filled with dust and debris, cannot get enough airflow for proper cooling operation.

It is recommended that air filters should be replaced every 30-60 days. Of course, it also depends on the type of air filter, the environment, and the household. This is something that a lot of HVAC companies provide. You can also set up monthly reminders to check the state of your air filters.

One method to check is to pass light through the air filter. If the light barely passes through it when you hold it up, then it’s probably overdue for replacement.

3. Check Your Circuit Breaker or Electrical Panel

Usually, air conditioners have two circuit breakers, one for the inside unit and another for the outside. In the case of AC blowing hot air in your house, you have to check the outside circuit. This is because if the outer circuit is broken, then your AC will continue to blow hot air inside your house.

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You have to make sure your HVAC system has power by checking the electrical panel. Since HVAC units need a considerable amount of energy to run, the circuit breaker may shut off automatically if there’s too much power demand. This is mean to be a safety precaution.

One more important thing to note in this case is if the circuit breaker was tripped or your AC unit blew a fuse, then professional help may be necessary.

4. Leak in the Refrigerant

Air conditioners cool the home’s air by removing the heat from the inside and dumping the heat outside. It does this with the help of refrigerants. But when your air conditioner system is low on refrigerant, then your air conditioner won’t be able to move heat out of your home successfully. This means that the air coming through the vents will usually be warmer than usual.

Some signs of the system being low on refrigerant are:

  • Frozen refrigerant. You can check your outside unit and see if the refrigerant is frozen or not.
  • The air conditioner blows hot air during the day but blows out cold air at night.
  • You might hear bubbling noise near the AC (which represents a leak in the refrigerant). If you think that this is the problem, then you should schedule a professionals AC repair.

These are just a handful of common problems discussed here in this article. The best thing you can do for your sanity — and your air conditioner’s health — is to set up regular maintenance with us here at Absolute Airflow.

Regular checkups will remove almost all of these problems with your AC and will give you much better peace of mind, ensuring you can get the full benefits of an air conditioner. To learn more about how our AC repair services can help you, please contact us today!

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Called Absolute for my 81 year old landlord in the height of Summer heat. Scott came out to inspect the old beast of an AC and found many issues. He took the time to educate us, note everything, photograph it and provide several recommendations...and my stubborn landlord has done nothing LOL. A couple months later we asked that Scott come back out and he was there that same day.

Emily H.

Santa Ana, CA

I contacted Absolute Airflow to check my mother's AC, as it was not getting cold. The tech (Scott) arrived earlier than his scheduled time, and was very knowledgeable, professional, and most of very personable with my mother in letting her know that the issue was. Superb customer service Scott and thank you Absolute Airflow! I highly recommend Absolute Airflow.

Billy A.

Billy A.

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I have called in Absokite Airflow for my tankless water heater and A/C unit for maintenance. They were professional and took the safety precautions necessary including wearing a mask and cornering their shoes when entering my home. I recommend them highly. Shout out to Zack who took care of the tankless water heater.  They were professional and friendly.

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Carlos came to our house to access the A/C project and to give us an estimate. He was very knowledgeable and took his time to explain all the opinions in detail as well as the installation process and warranties. Tanner and Chris were the installers, they were very professional taking their time and attention to details. To keep our house clean while installing the new A/C system.

Robert M.

Robert M.

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